Art Village Hostel
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¥¥¥3,000 - ¥7,000 per night

Art Village, a vibrant hub nestled along the Shikoku Pilgrimage route, breathes new life into a former hospital that lay abandoned for three decades. Now revitalized, it stands as a beacon of creativity and hospitality. From woodworking and leather crafting to tarot reading, alongside a bagel shop, bakery, beauty salon, and vintage clothing store, the village is a mosaic of artisanal and culinary delights. Plans are afoot to enrich this eclectic mix with a coffee roastery and a jazz café by the year’s end, further enhancing its appeal as a cultural and leisure destination.

The lodging facilities at Art Village cater to travelers seeking a unique accommodation experience. It offers spacious rooms of at least 8 tatami mats, equipped with toilets, washbasins, kitchens, and large baths, ensuring a comfortable and relaxing stay. The inclusion of a terrace allows guests to enjoy outdoor activities like barbecuing, making it an ideal spot for those looking to unwind. Situated on the Shikoku Pilgrimage route, it serves as a perfect retreat to soothe weariness. Additionally, guests have the convenience of using the kitchen freely, which is stocked with a rice cooker, microwave, toaster, fridge, coffee maker, and various kitchenware. A neighboring 8-tatami room is available as a shared space, complete with WiFi, ensuring connectivity throughout their stay.

Lodging Plans

Prices may vary depending on the day of booking. Please refer to prices posted/communicated by the lodgings or authorized reservation systems for more accurate pricing.


per room per night
Meals includedNo Meals Included
Shared Room
Shared Room
Shared Bath
Japanese and western style rooms available.

Amenities & Facilities

Some amenities (e.g., washers, dryers) may incur charges not listed here.
Coffee maker
Cooking utensils
Rice cooker

Key Distances & Elevations

537 m from the main pilgrim path
walking distance8 minutes
walking distance4 m
walking distance0 m
walking distance14 minutes
walking distance4 m
walking distance0 m
walking distance1 hour 6 minutes
walking distance75 m
walking distance1 m
24.3 km from pilgrimage start: Temple 1 – Ryozenji
1105.5 km to pilgrimage end: Temple 1 – Ryozenji
How are walking times calculated?
Walking times are estimated with a modified approach to Naismith’s rule to account for elevation gains/losses and other practical considerations that require a more conservative bias. The basis of our calculations assumes a speed of 4 kilometers per hour on flat land. Learn more here.


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