Family Lodge Hatagoya Muruto
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¥¥¥3,000 - ¥7,000 per night


Check-infrom 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm
Check-outbefore 11:00 am

Lodging Plans

Prices may vary depending on the day of booking. Please refer to prices posted/communicated by the lodgings or authorized reservation systems for more accurate pricing.


per room per night
Meals includedNo Meals Included
Private Room
Western-style Room
Private Bath

Amenities & Facilities

Some amenities (e.g., washers, dryers) may incur charges not listed here.
Air conditioning
Hair dryer
Vending machines

Key Distances & Elevations

< 100 m from the main pilgrim path
walking distance< 1 minute
walking distance0 m
walking distance0 m
walking distance15 minutes
walking distance2 m
walking distance8 m
walking distance59 minutes
walking distance158 m
walking distance4 m
240.6 km from pilgrimage start: Temple 1 – Ryozenji
871.1 km to pilgrimage end: Temple 1 – Ryozenji
How are walking times calculated?
Walking times are estimated with a modified approach to Naismith’s rule to account for elevation gains/losses and other practical considerations that require a more conservative bias. The basis of our calculations assumes a speed of 4 kilometers per hour on flat land. Learn more here.


profile pictureStephen .Member
August 17, 2022


Super new and clean looking. Modern family hotel with western style rooms and beds. I think it had been built less than a year before I visited. The Hatagoya Family Lodges seem to be a mid range chain of hotels with consistent quality.

It is on the northern coastal arm of Muruto. Near to but set back slightly from highway 55. This means it is in a less busy area and consequently quiet. The downside of that is, what I took for, the city centre is more than a kilometre away. Annoying to walk so far to get an evening meal when I had been walking all day and was tired anyway. The Hotel is self service and doesn't do meals. Someone more familiar with Japanese language would probably get by at a nearby izakaya I saw, or if more foresightful, bringing your own food would work too. Clearly I wasn't clever enough :-)

Coffee and microwaves (and bread? from memory) were available in a communal kitchen area near reception.

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Well past 16:00 the three of us got near to Shinshoji, but I think we were nearly spent for the day. There was some discussion about doing a last minute visit to the temple. But I didn't think we would have enough time to both find it and do proper rituals. So I gave up for the day and started for the accommodation I had booked. The Swedish girl pushed on to find the temple. The Irish lady had also booked to stay at the same place I had, so we walked along another kilometre till we got to where we thought our accommodation was to find a brand new looking place with no English signage. I wasn’t sure if it was the place after all and stood outside trying to see if there was any indication if it was indeed the correct location. After not too long a while someone came out to ask if we were the guests they were expecting!

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