Odanokyo Seseragi Roadside Station
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Running water
Structure is mostly exposed
Benches next to a rushing river with roofed shelter.

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Running water

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< 100 m from an alternative pilgrim path
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profile pictureStephen .Member
August 26, 2022


A small Michi no Eki along the Oda river valley, almost exactly halfway along the 40 km between Uchiko and Kumakougen. It is a good place to break the trip into two manageable halves. It sells a small range of what appeared to be home made foods.

The Michi no Eki has a lovely rest hut next to the river. It is pleasant and peaceful there.


The two Ohenro I was walking with were both planning to push on for another 20 km to the next likely accommodation and to Temple 44. But that would have been too far for me and I was happy to sit and have my late lunch next to a very picturesque stream in the lovely lunch area for tourists. A giant sushi roll and a giant biscuit, local foods from the Michi no Eki.

Because the other two both spoke Japanese and both had phones on the Japanese system they were able to help me by booking the current and next nights accommodation. After they left I stayed a good while at the shelter by the river and watched its water flow over the local dam’s stepped spillway. Then I got up to try to find my nights accommodation, who mildly scolded me for wasting my time near the river and being a little late.

location image of Odanokyo Seseragi Roadside Stationlocation image of Odanokyo Seseragi Roadside Stationlocation image of Odanokyo Seseragi Roadside Stationlocation image of Odanokyo Seseragi Roadside Station
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