Moja House
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¥¥¥3,000 - ¥7,000 per night

The Moja House, located in Tokushima Prefecture's Kamiyama Town, is a lodging that aims to share the delightful and fun daily life of Kamiyama with travelers and locals. Surrounded by beautiful mountains, it offers a space where guests can enjoy delicious local produce and experience the warm hospitality and traditional lifestyle of the mountain town.


Check-infrom 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Check-outbefore 10:00 am

Lodging Plans

Prices may vary depending on the day of booking. Please refer to prices posted/communicated by the lodgings or authorized reservation systems for more accurate pricing.


per person per night
Meals includedNo Meals Included
Shared Room
Shared Room
Shared Bath


per room per night
Meals includedNo Meals Included
Private Room
Western-style Room
Shared Bath
Max 4 people

Amenities & Facilities

Some amenities (e.g., washers, dryers) may incur charges not listed here.
Body wash
Hair dryer
Tea set
Tooth brushes¥300

Key Distances & Elevations

820 m from the main pilgrim path
walking distance26 minutes
walking distance116 m
walking distance0 m
162 m from an alternative pilgrim path
walking distance3 hours 10 minutes
walking distance409 m
walking distance704 m
walking distance4 hours 52 minutes
walking distance293 m
walking distance325 m
56.8 km from pilgrimage start: Temple 1 – Ryozenji
1082.3 km to pilgrimage end: Temple 1 – Ryozenji
How are walking times calculated?
Walking times are estimated with a modified approach to Naismith’s rule to account for elevation gains/losses and other practical considerations that require a more conservative bias. The basis of our calculations assumes a speed of 4 kilometers per hour on flat land. Learn more here.


profile pictureStephanie GilbertMember
August 21, 2023

Moja, the host, was so kind. She is such a bubbly, free spirit. She speaks English amazingly. The home is a traditional Japanese house that has a gorgeous view of the mountains. I hiked shosan-ji with an incoming typhoon that approached landfall faster than expected and made the hike down mountain very slippery. I had my boss(because I didn't realize Moja had such brilliant language skills) call to ask if they offered rides or could recommend a local taxi service in the area. Moja came out to save the day, made a grocery run with me, and let me book another day to wait out the storm.

There is a washer and dryer, a kitchen with small fridge for guests to use, and a bus stop within 5 minutes from the Moja House.

profile pictureDi McConnell Member
March 24, 2023

We were greeted by our friendly host Moja. We were exhausted after 2 mountain climbs and so grateful to finally arrive. Quickly had a hot shower and then fed a fabulous Japanese meal with two Taiwanese guests, and our hosts. Moja Ryokan is over 100 years old and it was such a delight to stay here.

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Kamiyama, Tokushima
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