Nabeiwa So
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¥¥¥3,000 - ¥7,000 per night


Breakfastfrom 6:30 am

Lodging Plans

Prices may vary depending on the day of booking. Please refer to prices posted/communicated by the lodgings or authorized reservation systems for more accurate pricing.


per person per night
Meals includedDinner & Breakfast Included
Private Room
Japanese-style Room
Shared Bath

Key Distances & Elevations

< 100 m from the main pilgrim path
walking distance2 minutes
walking distance0 m
walking distance29 m
< 100 m from an alternative pilgrim path
walking distance1 hour 19 minutes
walking distance47 m
walking distance538 m
walking distance5 hours 55 minutes
walking distance422 m
walking distance532 m
52.9 km from pilgrimage start: Temple 1 – Ryozenji
1084.8 km to pilgrimage end: Temple 1 – Ryozenji
How are walking times calculated?
Walking times are estimated with a modified approach to Naismith’s rule to account for elevation gains/losses and other practical considerations that require a more conservative bias. The basis of our calculations assumes a speed of 4 kilometers per hour on flat land. Learn more here.


profile pictureStephen .Member
August 12, 2022


I had organised my nights accommodation though a nice English speaking monk at Fujiidera.

After walking to Shosanji (T12) and not sure where my accommodation was exactly I saw a Japanese Ohenro couple on the road ahead. It turned out they were going to Nabeiwa So too. Amusingly, they were as positionally challenged as I was, so we carried on in blind faith together down hill and finally, there we were. Though I did surreptitiously watch the couple ask at reception confirming we had got the right place, just to be sure.

The building appears to be modern construction using old techniques. The basic wood work of the building consists of spectacular hewn columns and beams supporting the first floor structure and the exposed planed rafters and soffit of the roof. Corridors are polished wood.

Rooms: The rooms match the building style and are traditional Japanese tatami with futons. Quite clean, with large windows for light. The windows have sliding shoji screens to keep out insects etc, while still letting in the light. A warning for non Japanese. The rooms are not numbered, rather they seem to be named (in hiragana). There are no keys, with a tag to compare, so be careful you are sure which room is yours. It will save embarrassment! (don't ask how I know this)

Dining: Traditional Japanese meals served in a large common dining hall on the ground floor. There are western style tables and chairs. The kitchen is visible through a large servery.

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profile pictureDon WeissExpert
May 18, 2022

Comfortable, good food, but closed until about September 2022.

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