Tamagatao Rest Stop
Running water
Structure is mostly exposed

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profile pictureDon Weiss
May 29, 2022

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This is a charming chapel at a mountain pass, on the wonderful, beautiful back-road between Temple 12 and Temple 13. It is listed on Google Maps as a Public Toilet, but the toilet is closed.

About this Place

After hiking over Tamagatao, a mountain pass between Temple 12 and Temple 13, pilgrims will come across this enclosed hut and rest area. It has a door, windows, and some benches with an awning overhead. There is also a roadside shrine (jizo) across from it with enough space to park bicycles or motorcycles. It is a great place for many pilgrims to rest because the trails from Temple 12 onwards can be quite steeply downhill and hard on the knees.

Sidenote: The mountain pass, written in Japanese as 玉ヶ峠, is pronounced “Tamagatao” instead of “Tamagatouge” as the kanji is pronounced and according to to dictionaries.

Amenities & Facilities

Running waterTemporarily closed
ToiletTemporarily closed



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Kamiyama, Tokushima
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