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¥¥¥3,000 - ¥7,000 per night
Please let the inn know if you are arriving before 2:00 pm.

Sudachian, nestled in the serene village of Kamiyama-cho, Tokushima Prefecture, serves as a beacon of rest and rejuvenation for pilgrims traversing the Shikoku Pilgrimage. It is named after sudachi, a juicy citrus fruit that is famous and abundant in the area around Temple 12 – Shosanji and Kamiyama. Pilgrims will come across many sudachi trees while passing through this area.

This lodging is strategically positioned right after Temple 12, marking the end of what is often described as the “toughest challenge” of the pilgrimage route. This section requires pilgrims to navigate through three steep mountains over approximately 15 kilometers of mountain trails, from the 11th temple to the 12th. Sudachian not only offers a tranquil oasis for weary travelers to rest but also provides the option to include breakfast and dinner, making it a popular choice for those seeking nourishment after a strenuous hike.

The legacy of Sudachian is deeply interwoven with the tradition of supporting pilgrims. Despite facing closure due to succession issues, the lodging was revived in September 2021. This revival project aims not only to support pilgrims but also to attract tourists exploring Shikoku, thereby spreading the culture and allure of the pilgrimage to younger generations and those unfamiliar with it. By offering a place of rest and cultural exchange right after one of the most challenging parts of the pilgrimage, Sudachi-an stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of hospitality and tradition in the region.


Check-infrom 2:00 pm
Check-outbefore 9:00 am

Lodging Plans

Prices may vary depending on the day of booking. Please refer to prices posted/communicated by the lodgings or authorized reservation systems for more accurate pricing.


per person per night
Meals includedNo Meals Included
Shared Room
Japanese-style Room
Shared Bath


per person per night
Meals includedDinner & Breakfast Included
Shared Room
Japanese-style Room
Shared Bath

Amenities & Facilities

Some amenities (e.g., washers, dryers) may incur charges not listed here.
Bike parking
Shared dining space
Tea set

Key Distances & Elevations

< 100 m from the main pilgrim path
walking distance1 minute
walking distance7 m
walking distance0 m
walking distance1 hour 7 minutes
walking distance24 m
walking distance481 m
walking distance5 hours 55 minutes
walking distance396 m
walking distance500 m
52.4 km from pilgrimage start: Temple 1 – Ryozenji
1085.2 km to pilgrimage end: Temple 1 – Ryozenji
How are walking times calculated?
Walking times are estimated with a modified approach to Naismith’s rule to account for elevation gains/losses and other practical considerations that require a more conservative bias. The basis of our calculations assumes a speed of 4 kilometers per hour on flat land. Learn more here.


profile pictureダグラスMember
November 10, 2023

Located on a river a few miles after temple 12, this place is great in that they grab your luggage from places to stay before temple 11, so you don't have to carry all of it up the 1,369 meter elevation gain over three large hills. I still carried too much. The people running the place are a lot of fun.

profile pictureRossana RocchiniMember
November 03, 2023

The house is a bit old but it’s got all amenities and the staff (all males) are very nice, speak good English and give those little extra attention that make it special. For example, they not only picked up my bag from the previous ryokan but also left a small backpack for me so I could carry some essentials for the day. The chef is also very nice and friendly and he made a lovely curry for dinner.

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Kamiyama, Tokushima
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